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Insight on computers and media | by Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes | Mar. 9, 1997

Sitting on Top of Internet World

This is our attempt to do some prep work before trying to answer the inevitable question, "what are the cool parties and technologies at this show?" Tony hopes to attend these events and look at these demos at Internet World next week in Los Angeles.

Internet World, March 10-14
Los Angeles Convention Ctr. 500 exhibiting companies.
Internet World Exhibitors -- this is the master list.
Parties worth considering:
My list is not meant to be comprehensive, just interesting. For more, try the complete party list.
MKS, March 11 (5:30-7:30p)
House of Blues, 8439 Sunset Blvd.
InterActive Agency, Wired magazine and TAG Media, March 12 (7-10p)
Viper Room, 8852 Sunset Blvd.
OZ Interactive, March 13 (7:30-9:30p)
Palace in Hollywood, 1735 North Vine.
OZONE, OZ Interactive's new 3D Internet entertainment community
The Palace, March 13 (7-11p)
House of Blues, 8439 Sunset Blvd.
A leader in virtual world chat.
Howard Stern Private Parts Rules/Sucks Party, March 13th (9p-2a)
836 N. Highland between Melrose Ave and Santa Monica Bl., Hollywood.
Sponsored by Worldsite Networks
Visit booth #6228 to get your invite.
Special events:
NetGuide Live Awards, March 13 (6-10p dinner)
El Rey Theater, 5515 Willshire Blvd.
Internet World Magazine Industry Awards, March 14 (noon lunch)
Top of the news (companies likely to announce something significant):
Progressive Networks
New RealAudio, RealMedia, Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)
ParaGraph International
First VRML 2.0 authoring suite.
Integrated Data Systems
Version 2.0 of V-Realm Builder, a VRML 2.0 authoring tool.
Data Translation
Broadway 2.0 MPEG video system for streaming or downloading video on net/web, booth #6028.
Privateline, a new secure e-mail program.
Live Picture
RealSpace combines net images with photo-spatial interactivity to create completely interactive, photo-spatial web worlds.
Launch of Director 6, leading authoring tool.
HotSauce, Cyberdog, servers, new Apple message, etc.
Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Netscape, Sun, and SGI likely to have announcements. For Macintosh-related news from the show floor, check out this.
These are the companies to check out (not sure of news value, but good for background):
If no web address is provided, the PR firm forgot to include it. I don't have time to check them all.
WebCast "push technology" offering, and WebCast Studio, an authoring tool that allows webmasters to create channels.
BackWeb Technologies
Personalized broadcast channels.
Sapphire/Web is Java-to-database development tool.
Black Sun Interactive
VRML pioneer, turns web sites into 3D communities.
FireFly Network, Inc.
Collaborative filtering software.
ichat, Inc.
Web chat tool.
Individual, Inc.
A preview of First! Intranet 3.0, the next version of its corporate news and information service.
Domino, new Java stuff will be there.
Net Nanny Software
Net Nanny filtering software.
PointCast, Inc.
Broadcasts news and information, leading "push" technology.
Products for HTML developers.
Skunk Technologies
Entao is a Java-based net operating system with business-oriented Java applets for implementing information systems.
WebFiler Interactive, an update to HoTMetaL PRO 3.0 adding site management, and HoTMetaL Intranet Publisher (HiP).
i:drive is a new remote Internet storage service for personal computers.
Booth #2603
3Space Publisher, a new 3D design and animation tool for web, CD-ROM, and desktop publishing.
Vosaic L.L.C.
Vosaic Audio for Java, a pure Java-based sound streaming system using the global ITU standard, GSM audio.
Xing Technology Corp.
digital audio and video on the web
These are the conference sessions to check out:
The Red Herring Internet Entrepreneur Forum
Microsoft Active Platform Developers Day
General Workshop: Developing with CyberDog and Hot Sauce
VRML World Developer Day
Sun/Java Developer Day
Keynote speakers worth watching:
Gil Amelio, Apple
Rob Glaser, Progressive Networks
Special exhibit areas:
Microsoft Active Platform Pavilion
Netscape Partner Pavilion
Sponsors (magazines etc.):
Mecklermedia (producers of show):
Internet World
Web Developer

Be seeing you...

-- Tony Bove and Cheryl Rhodes, Mar. 9, 1997. Comments?

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