Cheryl Rhodes

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Education specialist, researcher and advocate, charter school director and co-founder, Web developer, managing editor, writer, marketing specialist, associate publisher, and creative director with hands-on experience in software tools. Self-starter and team player, able to complete projects in a professional and timely manner. Extensive experience organizing & managing startup ventures.

• Co-founded charter school

• Wrote books on multimedia authoring

• Marketed commercial CD-ROM titles

• Managed productions under budget

• Co-founded and ran businesses

• Co-founded Publish magazine




Co-founder and First Year Director

Started grassroots effort to create charter school. As first year director, created and implemented all policies, procedures, contracts, reports, newsletters and forms for organizing, managing and reporting of day-to-day, weekly, monthly and annual operation of a new independent (non-profit) public charter school to all stakeholders.

ROCKUMENT, INC. 1992-1995

Co-founder, Vice President, and Treasurer

Created and produced book layouts, press releases, marketing collateral, Web content, and presentations for Rockument, Inc. Managed licensing and production of CD-ROM entertainment titles and book/CD-ROM projects for Random House and Voyager Co.

Additional Relevant Experience

Web Developer, North Coast Rural Challenge Network (NCRCN) and Point Arena Schools (1997-1998). Created Web pages describing P.A. Schools’ NCRCN Projects.

Managing Editor, newsletter division, Hypermedia Communications, Inc./NewMedia Magazine (1993-1994). Published and edited the Macromedia User Journal and the Inside Report on New Media on multimedia application development.

Co-founder and Managing Editor, the Macromedia User Journal and the Inside Report on New Media (1986-1993). Ran newsletter business (acquired in 1993 by Hypermedia Communications).

Co-founder, Managing Editor and Associate Publisher, Desktop Publishing Magazine (1984-1986). Renamed to Publish when acquired by PCW Communications.

Courseware Designer and Technical Coordinator, ComputerTown USA! (1981-1982). Developed courseware for and coordinated a National Science Foundation Project sponsored by the People's Computer Company (Menlo Park), including computer literacy events and projects in communities, schools, and libraries.

Instructor, computer courses, Peninsula School (1981). Taught intro. computer courses for grades K-8, including programming courses, and maintained the Peninsula School Computer Project.

Instructor, courseware designer, & coordinator, Apple Van Project, Lawrence Hall of Science (1980). Brought Apple computers into Bay Area schools and taught several introductory computer courses for grades K-12, and wrote educational programs and courseware. Also presented plans to county education supervisors for computer literacy projects and classroom computing activities.


Awards and Reviews


Parent volunteer in local public schools.

South Coast Youth Soccer Club, secretary, children’s league.

Flying Other Brothers ( for benefit concerts and fundraisers.



Technical Skills

Books and CD-ROMs

Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties (Rockument), documentary CD-ROM

Macromedia Lingo Studio (Random House), book/CD-ROM

Official Macromedia Director Studio (Random House/Hypermedia), book/CD-ROM

Using Macromedia Director (The Voyager Co.), CD-ROM Expanded Book

Using MacroMind Director (Que)

Que’s Macintosh Multimedia Handbook (Que)

Adobe Illustrator: The Official Handbook for Designers (Bantam/Random House)

Desktop Publishing with PageMaker (John Wiley & Sons)

The Well-Connected Macintosh (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)

The Art of Desktop Publishing (Bantam)

CP/M User’s Guide (Baen Books/Simon & Schuster)

Free Software (Baen Books/Simon & Schuster)

InfoWorld’s Essential Guide to CP/M (Harper & Row)

WordStar Pocket Reference (Addison-Wesley)

Publications (Articles and Columns)


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