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TBone Outtakes Remakes and Rare Breaks: Studio recording produced by T Bone Burnett and live gems from past shows featuring G.E. Smith, Country Joe, and Bob Weir.

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Song list:

1. Take a Drive – studio outtake (T. Bove, B. Keely) produced by T Bone Burnett
2. Let’s Get Together (Powers) with G.E. Smith
3. Ohio (Young) with G.E. Smith
4. Sugaree (Garcia, Hunter) with G.E. Smith
5. King Harvest (J.R. Robertson) with G.E. Smith
6. Rockin’ Around the World (McDonald) with Country Joe
7. Playing in the Band-Other Miles Jam (Weir, Hunter, FOBs) with Bob Weir
8. The Main Ten-Uncle John’s Reprise-Playing in the Band Reprise (Hart, Weir, Hunter, Garcia) with Bob Weir

Welcome to the Flying Other Brothers Music Podcast, hosted by Rockument, a podcast channel produced by Tony Bove, the harmonica player in the Flying Other Brothers.

We recorded the first song (with Tony Bove on vocals) at Village Recorders in Santa Monica on Aug. 5-7, 2006, with T Bone Burnett at the controls, in preparation for a studio album that has not yet been released:

1. Take a Drive – studio outtake (T. Bove, B. Keely)
(You can also download this song as an individual MP3 file.)

T Bone Burnett in the studio with the FOBs
Left to right: Bert Keely, T Bone Burnett, Roger McNamee, Tony Bove

Our summer tour of 2006 featured G.E. Smith on lead guitar trading licks with Barry Sless on lead and pedal steel guitar. One stellar night, Aug. 17, 2006, we played Duggan’s Waterfront Pub in Homer, Alaska. With a great crowd and some truly inspiring dancers, we played one of the longest sets ever, more than 3 hours. Tony sang this at the very end, nearly out of breath, the anthem of the Sixties:

2. Let’s Get Together (Powers)

All during our summer tour of 2006, which took us from SoCal to Alaska to NYC and parts inbetween, G.E. Smith would lead us in inspired remakes of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young song “Ohio” (vocal by Tony Bove), the Grateful Dead/Jerry Garcia solo classic “Sugaree” (vocal by G.E. Smith), and the Band classic “King Harvest” (vocal by Roger McNamee, Tony Bove, and G.E. Smith):

3. Ohio (Young) — Juneau, Alaska at Hangar on the Wharf, 8/20/2006
4. Sugaree (Garcia, Hunter) — Juneau, Alaska at Hangar on the Wharf, 8/20/2006
5. King Harvest (J.R. Robertson) — Haines, Alaska at the Tribal House, 8/26/2006

G.E. Smith on the road
G.E. Smith on the road

BOXER ROCKS on Feb. 25, 2005, was a celebration of Senator Barbara Boxer for her courage at the Condi Rice hearings. This was also the CD Release party for our studio album, San Francisco Sounds. We persuaded a few of our friends to come out and play. It didn’t take much persuading, in actual fact. So lines formed outside Slim’s early on that Friday night, and never really abated. Boz Scaggs joined us along with friends and occasional SuperFOBs G.E. Smith, Country Joe McDonald, David Nelson, T Bone Burnett, and Bob Weir. From that concert, here is Country Joe and the Flying Other Brothers (with G.E. Smith):

6. Rockin’ Around the World (McDonald)

On April 21, 2002, we played a benefit for Camp Winnarainbow and Patch Adams’ GESUNDHEIT Institute (yes, that Patch Adams!) and Wavy Gravy at Bimbo’s in San Francisco. Pete Sears and The Dawn Patrol also appeared, and we provided backing for Bob Weir, with Larry and Corinne Marcus on drums and percussion, and Giles McNamee on rhythm guitar. Bob Weir, of course, sang and played lead guitar. The club was packed to the rafters and we started and ended the Bob Weir set with this impromptu jam that included a Miles Davis riff:

7. Playing in the Band-Other Miles Jam (Weir, Hunter, FOBs)
8. The Main Ten-Uncle John’s Reprise-Playing in the Band Reprise (Hart, Weir, Hunter, Garcia)

All songs published by Fobros Music Publishing (ASCAP) with the following exceptions:

“Ohio” is published by Cotillion Music Inc./Broken Arrow Music (BMI). “Rockin’ Around the World” is published by Country Joe McDonald. “Sugaree”, “Playing in the Band”, “The Main Ten”, and “Uncle John’s Band” are published by Ice Nine Publishing Co. (ASCAP). “King Harvest” is published by Canaan Music (copyright (c) 1970 Canaan Music, Inc.). “Let’s Get Together” is published by Irving Music (BMI).

For videos and more songs, visit the Flying Other Brothers on Rockument (www.rockument.com/fobbs)

The Flying Other Brothers are:
Bill Bennett, bass and vocals
TBone Tony Bove, harmonica and vocals
Bert Keely, guitar, trumpet and vocals
Corinne Marcus, percussion — songs 7-8
Larry Marcus, percussion — songs 7-8
Ann McNamee, percussion and vocals
Roger McNamee, rhythm guitar and vocals
Giles McNamee, guitar — songs 7-8
Jim Sanchez, drums — songs 1-6
Pete Sears, keyboards and vocals
Barry Sless, lead and pedal steel guitar — songs 1-6
G.E. Smith, lead guitar and vocals — songs 1-6

Guest stars:
Country Joe McDonald, guitar and vocals — song 6
Bob Weir, lead guitar and vocals — songs 7-8

The Flying Other Brothers crew:
Howard Danchik, live engineer
Stacy Parrish, studio and live recording engineer
Pat Morrow, Road Manager
Paul Dulany, crew
Dawn Holliday, spiritual advisor

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