TBone Outtake: Take a Drive

Flying Other Brothers studio session produced by T Bone Burnett

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T Bone Burnett in the studio with the FOBs
Left to right: Bert Keely, T Bone Burnett, Roger McNamee, Tony Bove

“Take a Drive”, written by Tony Bove and Bert Keely, was recorded at Village Recorders in Santa Monica on Aug. 5-7, 2006, with T Bone Burnett at the controls, in preparation for a studio album that has not yet been released. Published by Fobros Music Publishing (ASCAP). Produced by T Bone Burnett, Roger McNamee, and the Flying Other Brothers.

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The Flying Other Brothers are:
Bill Bennett, bass and vocals
TBone Tony Bove, harmonica and vocals
Bert Keely, guitar, trumpet and vocals
Ann McNamee, percussion and vocals
Roger McNamee, rhythm guitar and vocals
Jim Sanchez, drums
Pete Sears, keyboards and vocals
Barry Sless, lead and pedal steel guitar
G.E. Smith, lead guitar and vocals

The Flying Other Brothers crew:
Howard Danchik, live engineer
Stacy Parrish, studio and live recording engineer
Pat Morrow, Road Manager
Paul Dulany, crew
Dawn Holliday, spiritual advisor

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