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Estimated Charges

The Flying Other Brothers - Estimated Charges

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Estimated Charges is the first iTunes disclosure from the Flying Other Brothers.

The freewheeling creative conspiracy called the FOBs has emerged as a modern-day musical Merry Pranksters, coupling airtight arrangements with the high-wire adventures of collective spontaneity and exploration. Steeped in the grand tradition of vintage San Francisco, the FOBs are influenced by everything from psychedelia to folk, rock, and blues.

Featuring stellar lead and pedal steel guitarist Barry Sless (Phil Lesh & Friends), keyboardist Pete Sears (Hot Tuna, Jefferson Starship), former Saturday Night Live bandleader and guitarist G.E. Smith (Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates), and drummer Jimmy Sanchez (Boz Scaggs, Dr. John), the band is rounded out by Roger McNamee on rhythm guitar, Ann McNamee on percussion, Bill Bennett on bass, Tony Bove on harmonica, and Bert Keely on guitar, all five of whom lend vocals and original tunes to the mix.

With a broad musical palette and a steadfast devotion to spreading good cheer, this band travels on a great trip with fans. Along the way, the band has devoted an ample measure of musical goodwill to performing and organizing benefit concerts for a wide variety of worthy causes.

Estimated Charges was recorded at Bad Habit, the scene of many of the iTunes front page Exclusives. The recording was produced by G.E. Smith with additional vocal production by Roger Love. The executive producers are Roger McNamee and Gordon Brislawn.

These six tracks are unreleased live performances of seven original songs, including a twenty-minute rendition of the band's showcase "Nick Devil Jam".

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Track Listing:

1. Kick it Open (Jeannette Sears/Pete Sears)
2. Blink of an Eye (Ann McNamee/Roger McNamee)
3. Wise Man in the Desert (Bill Bennett)
4. Take Me With You (Tony Bove/Pete Sears)
5. Nick of Time (Ann McNamee/Roger McNamee)
Old Nick Jam (The Flying Other Brothers)
Devil's Kitchen (Ann McNamee/Roger McNamee)
6. Slow Dance (Ann McNamee/G.E. Smith/Roger Love)

Producers: G.E. Smith, Roger Love
Executive Producers: Roger McNamee, Gordon Brislawn

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