BEA Customer: Honeywell

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Serves aviation industry with portal that also increases sales

“This site will give us the leading edge to stay ahead of the competition… On a scale from one to ten, I rate the BEA/Entigo solution a nine … and I've never given any product a ten.”
— Neel Sehgal Director, IT/Digitization for Customer Services, Honeywell

“We chose to partner with BEA because it has a strong record for early adoption and adherence to standards… With the robust functionality of the BEA platform, we can focus our efforts where they deliver the best value, which is in business process rather than infrastructure”
— Mark Demers, VP of marketing & business development, Entigo

Industry: Manufacturing (Aviation)
Product(s): BEA WebLogic® Server
Partner(s): Entigo Corporation

Honeywell Aerospace Electronic Systems Division had built an e-commerce site to sell its BendixKing brand products, but the site offered only basic information, and did not permit electronic interaction among pilots and dealers. BEA partner Entigo™ transformed the fledgling BendixKing site into a dynamic, interactive e-commerce portal where its customers - dealers, pilots, and manufacturers -get superior quality and service.

Problem: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and branding
Honeywell needed to build loyalty for its BendixKing brand among pilots by making online customer service simple, streamlined, and accelerated.

Solution: Portal integrated with ordering and dealer network
Honeywell created a portal for pilots, aviation products dealers, and manufacturers, with greater personalization, flexibility, and reliability.

· In its first year, the BendixKing site reduced customer service calls by 30%.
· The company booked $20M in orders over the Web site in 2001 and expects to achieve an estimated $40M in 2002.
· Site traffic is up 90% each month, and Honeywell foresees a 20-30% increase in services.

· "With the robust functionality of the BEA platform, we can focus our efforts where they deliver the best value, which is in business process rather than infrastructure."
· "Such dedication to standards, such as J2EE and XML, helps ensure we are flexible as we move forward with our business."
· "It's critical to customize the service to your customers… Entigo's customer-profiling module allows us to do that type of customization, and it's one of the big keys to the success of the Entigo/BEA solution."



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