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10,000 transactions/second, 100 billion transactions/year by 2002

"Anticipating these new payment technologies and the unprecedented volume of transactions they will demand, and keeping in mind the need to uphold VisaĆ­s brand promise of security, reliability, and trust in payment services, we chose to build on BEA. Besides being the most proven and best-of-breed, BEA Tuxedo was the only product that met or exceeded all of our requirements."

-- Scott Thompson, Chief Technology Officer, Visa U.S.A.

Industry: Financial Services
Products: BEA Tuxedo, BEA Services

Visa implemented a network re-architecture in order to future-proof and add enormous scalability to its payments infrastructure. Based on BEA Tuxedo, the system is designed to process an unprecedented volume of transactions. Visa worked closely with BEA from the initial architectural assessment all the way through to design and implementation of its new payments network.

Problem: Scalability. Visa needed to double the capacity of its transaction networks while maintaining absolute reliability.

Solution: Reliable transaction platform. The BEA Tuxedo platform processes an unprecedented volume of transactions with "anytime, anywhere, anyplace" flexibility, while maintaining Visa's standard of 100% reliability.

· The network is designed to process more than $1 trillion in payments annually.
· It can accommodate a volume of 10,000 transactions per second, almost triple its current peak load of 3,500 per second.
· This equates to more than 100 billion transactions annually - more than twice the current transaction volume.

Benefits: Rock-solid 100% reliability - just five minutes of downtime annually could impact $55 million in transactions. Eight hours of down time, equivalent to 99.9% uptime, would mean a potential loss of $5 billion in transactions.
· Dynamic load balancing handles unexpectedly high demand, and distributed transaction management ensures data integrity.
· BEA Tuxedo integrates seamlessly with legacy mainframe systems, an essential capability in the world of financial services.




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