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Provides job opportunities and personalized news

"WebLogic gives us the building blocks that accelerate the delivery of new applications, enable the presentation of dynamic content, lower administration and management costs, and integrate with our legacy systems and third-party applications... The BEA platform has been a huge plus for us. It has allowed us to build systems with a functionality that we previously could not afford. But even more important than the cost, is the increased functionality that BEA provides. The strength of its Java implementation shortens delivery of new applications substantially and plays an important role in enabling us to provide a more personalized user experience."

-- Eric Schvimmer,'s vice president of technology

Industry: Media
Product(s): BEA WebLogic® Server
BEA Partners: Accenture, Open Market (WPNI) built a powerful new service called - where customers have interactive tools, content, and services personalized to fit their lifestyles - and a revenue-generating employment and recruitment site called

Problem: Need to build better customer relationships online and expose the breath of WPNI's content
Premier newspaper Web site needed to deploy reliable, personalized services that can scale up to handle millions of visitors.

Solution: Personalization and integration with content management
Application server for integrating content management with personalized applications for and for deploying services for its recruitment site,

· Revenues for employment site tripled (relative to 1999) and are expected to see double digit percentage growth in 2001.
· Page views have increased by 30%, enrollment of new employers is up 20%, and sales of direct job postings through the new Post-a-Job feature are up 50%.
· has driven more than 115,000 registrations, and helped to increase the average length of stay on the site.
· Deploying applications using BEA platform was less expensive, easier to administer, and allowed for a more tailored online environment than outsourcing.

· The infrastructure is scalable to handle peak loads - receives more than six million page views on a typical day, and offers tens of thousands of job listings and receives 10 million page views per month.
· Services are reliable and available.
· Content presentation and management is unified under a single extensible architecture.
· The deployment platform supports dynamic content, allows new capabilities to be deployed online rapidly, and provides an enriched, interactive reader experience.



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