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Ballad Roots of California Folk-Rock

Featuring music by Paul Clayton, Kilby Snow, the David Nelson Band, the Flying Other Brothers, Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger, Sarah Hawkes, and Peter Rowan and the Rowan Brothers.


Paul Clayton: “The Twa Sisters (The Two Sisters)”
Kilby Snow: “Wind and Rain”
The David Nelson Band: “Wind and Rain”
The Flying Other Brothers: “Johnny B”
Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger: “The Bonnie Lass of Fyvie”
The David Nelson Band: “Peggy-O”
Sarah Hawkes: “Little Sparrow (Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies-Sharp 118)”
Peter Rowan and the Rowan Brothers: “Fair And Tender Ladies”
The Flying Other Brothers: “Gwendolyn”

This episode explores the ballad roots of California folk-rock music, with licensed rare and historical performances (hosted by Tony Bove of the Flying Other Brothers).

From the European troubadours of the 16th Century to the early settlers of Appalachia, people have been singing songs about desperate men, senseless violence, murders and executions, damsels in distress, hard traveling, whiskey, gambling, and lost loves. Centuries have past, but we sing about the same things, and sometimes we sing the same songs.

In this episode we explore the roots of several ballads that found there way into contemporary rock, and in particular into the repertoires of Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, David Nelson, and Peter Rowan. Ballads are most often folk poetry in a musical format, passed along orally from generation to generation, set to conventional tunes and usually sung by a solo voice.

Play: Podcast 2: Ballad Roots of California Folk-Rock

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